Metering Infrastructure

Commercial Building Management

Space crunches have contributed greatly towards the building of high rise apartments and commercial spaces. And managing a space so big comes with a lot of stress. Electricity metering is just one aspect of the many that comprises the commercial building or property management.

Crystal works closely with the utilities and conglomerates to devise ground breaking solutions that ease life and increase efficiency in running the business. Smart metering solutions for commercial building or a property enables gathering of data and further consolidation of it to analyze the consumption patterns.

Property management companies benefit from this because they are able to take note of the following:

Leakages: Crystal’s smart devices clubbed with intelligence have the ability to diagnose power leakages and theft following which, the gap in the system can be filled and loss can be minimized.

Consolidated Data: Managing multiple tenants and dealing with N no. of bills will significantly hamper the work flow of the company. Crystal’s tools enable the management companies and utilities to consolidate data even in near-real time at the click of a button. Our products offer robust, flexible and configurable technology for every metering requirement from basic, energy-only metering to comprehensive smart metering functionality – with multiple communication technologies.

Fault and Error Diagnostics: Advanced metering system has made it possible to diagnose any errors in the end-consumption or line failure. This significantly reduces the time taken for solving a power fault.
And that’s not all. Crystal has bridged the gaps on the part of the end-user as well. The tenants of commercial spaces or owners of property have the privilege to tailor their smart meters functionally according to the needs and in addition to this, they enjoy:

Monitoring Consumption: end-users also enjoy the feature to monitor their usage in near-real time and figure out wastages. This feature also helps identify if there’s an unusual spike in consumption.

Consumption Pattern: Crystal enables its customers to monitor their power consumption pattern and deeply analyze their using habits.

The Modernized Grid

Grid metering graphic