Your partner for Communication Infrastructure

  • Mesh

    High Performance Self Healing Mesh Network

    Simple to use low cost RF modules for two-way communication with Smart Meters. These radios operate at licensee free bands of 2.4 Ghz / 865 Mhz depending on the project location. Designed for Advanced metering infrastructure having low power consumption.

  • Wireless

    Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)

    Crystal’s Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) aggregates and stores meter information, load profiles and events from Smart Meters and feed the traffic to the Head End System (HES).

  • Broadcast

    High 2G/3G Cellular modems

    Crystal offers 2G / 3G cellular modems for connecting the Smart Meters with the Wide Area Network.

  • Long Range

    Ultra long range, low power wireless technology

    Our ultra long range low power wireless communication technology are ideal for hard reach remote metering location.

Your partner for Communication Infrastructure

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