Smart Meter

Flexible and built to last

Deployment of smart meters is the first step towards digitization of the grid. It will act as an enabler for the utility to garner and monitor a vast array of data effectively.

Our smart meters are equipped with a range of features that offer so much more than just gathering data.

A Smart Grid starts with Smart Meter

Our range of smart electricity meters are robust, elastic and offer configurable technology for every metering requirement. It also offers choices for communication technology ranging from RF Mesh, to 2G/3G/4G.

The intelligence of our meters is unmatched and ensures accurate metrics for billing. Hence, satisfies users at every level.

The meters have a lifetime of up to 20 years and are kept up to date with Over-the-Air firmware upgrades sent from time to time. This helps keep meters ready for the latest norms and future proof. Our unrivalled product quality ensures exceptionally low failure rate and enacts to protect your return on investment.

Your Device for Better Energy Management

Smart meters with tandem to smart grid applications are designed to effectively monitor and manage the grid with industry-leading technology, efficiency and reliability.

Smart electricity meters for all needs